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26 May, 2018

WRAP restates UK food waste figures to support united global action

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Figures for the levels of UK food waste have been restated by WRAP, the UK’s leading sustainability body, as part of a drive for greater international consistency in measurement, reporting and action on food waste. WRAP has restated the way UK household food waste is defined and described, to conform to the Food [...]

17 May, 2018

UK losing topsoil at a rate of 2.9 million tonnes a year

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The Sustainable Soils Alliance is a partnership of businesses, campaigning organisations, the applied scientific community, academia, governmental and non-governmental organisations working together to reverse the current crisis in soil health, which currently sees an estimated 2.9 million tonnes of topsoil lost each year in the UK. Read full article

16 May, 2018

Parliament to ‘virtually eliminate single-use plastics’ by 2019

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Yesterday (15 May), the UK Parliament announced a comprehensive range of steps to drastically reduce its consumption of single-use plastics by 2019. From coffee cups and straws to plastic bags and water bottles, these measures will virtually eliminate single-use avoidable plastics from both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, replacing [...]

24 Apr, 2018

Strawless in Seattle: How a major coastal city is tackling marine litter

By | April 24th, 2018|News from the web|0 Comments

In July 2018, customers in Seattle – the largest city in the State of Washington, along the United States’ Pacific Coast – will have to ask for a biodegradable paper straw with their drink, or decide to go without it. While it’s a small change, it has life-saving implications for the ocean. The [...]

19 Apr, 2018

Can dirt save the Earth?

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Climate change often evokes images of smokestacks, and for good reason: The single largest source of carbon emissions related to human activity is heat and power generation, which accounts for about one-quarter of the carbon we put into the atmosphere. Often overlooked, though, is how we use land, which contributes almost as much. The [...]

12 Apr, 2018

Plastic doesn’t reduce food waste, study finds

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A new study from Friends of the Earth Europe and Zero Waste Europe says annual use of plastic packaging per person has grown simultaneously with food waste since the 1950s - finding that we now use 30kg of plastic each a year in Europe, and waste 173kg of food. "What this study shows," [...]

6 Apr, 2018

Plastics all at sea

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Images of turtles trapped in plastic packaging or a fish nibbling on microfibres pull on the heartstrings. Yet many scientists studying plastics in the oceans remain open-minded on the longterm effects. While plastics shouldn’t be in our oceans, they say there is still insufficient evidence to determine whether microplastics – the very tiniest [...]

3 Apr, 2018

UK reverses opposition to tough EU recycling targets

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The UK has reversed its opposition to tough EU recycling targets and will now back a goal of recycling two-thirds of urban waste by 2035, the Guardian has learned. The nation’s recycling rate has stalled and it is set to miss its current target of 50 per cent by 2020. The prime minister, [...]

7 Mar, 2018

Report: UK overestimates plastics recycling by one-third

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The latest Defra figures claim that UK businesses and households produced 2.26 million tonnes of plastics packaging waste in 2015. But research from waste consultancy Eunomia today (6 March) finds that this number reflects the amount of plastic packaging placed on the market by producers, and that the real amount is much higher [...]

1 Mar, 2018

PG Tips to switch to plastic-free teabags

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Tea maker PG Tips is to switch to fully biodegradable, plant-based teabags, parent company Unilever has announced. Most manufacturers currently use polypropylene to seal teabags - they say it strengthens them and stops them disintegrating in a cup. Unilever said the move to plant-based sealants was based on "cutting edge science and [...]