About BBIA

The potential for bio-based solutions to contribute to the UK economy is skyrocketing.

BBIA’s mission is to unite those working in the biodegradable and bio-based industries and to develop partnerships with those who share our vision: to put the bioeconomy agenda at the centre of the political debate on sustainability and economic growth in the UK.

To open up opportunities and standards in the emerging green economy market, BBIA will work with companies and organisations involved in the production of bio-based and biodegradable chemicals and polymers for the benefit of the environment.

Company Documents

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Articles of Association for the Bio-Based and Biodegradable Industries Association (BBIA) LTD

Our Board

Andy Sweetman
Andy SweetmanChairman
Marketing Manager at cellulose product producer Futamura UK
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Jens Hamprecht
Jens HamprechtDeputy Chairman
Head of Global Market Development Biopolymers
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Tony Breton
Tony BretonDirector
UK Market Developer for bioplastic company Novamont
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Jeremy Jacobs
Jeremy JacobsBoard member
Renewable Energy Association’s Technical Director
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Harold Naylor
Harold NaylorBoard member
Biobag UK’s Director
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Kieran MacSweeney
Kieran MacSweeneyBoard Member
Sphere Consumer Products’s Managing Director
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Philip Charlton-Smith
Philip Charlton-SmithBoard Member
Ecospray Ltd’s Chief Executive
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David Newman
David NewmanManaging Director
President of the World Biogas Association
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Iris Anderson
Iris AndersonBBIA Ambassador

*by these terms we refer to the application of recognised international standards. By bio-based product we mean one which is wholly or partly derived from biomass. By biodegradable we mean a product capable of undergoing biologically mediated decomposition. For Chemical products the relevant OECD biodegradation test and requirements should apply. For Polymeric items, BS EN13432 / BS EN14995 shall be considered the minimum accepted specification.