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29 Apr, 2019

Biodegradable bags struggle to break down, claims study

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The researchers – from the university’s international marine litter research unit – took biodegradable and compostable bags and exposed them to air, soil and sea, all environments they could encounter if discarded as litter. Biodegradable, oxo-biodegradable and conventional plastic remained functional bags despite being in the soil or marine environment for three years. A compostable [...]

5 Apr, 2019

Agency warns over plastics in compost and AD

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The Environment Agency has threatened a crackdown on poor performing composting and AD sites, where plastic is found in material to be spread to land. And the action could have a knock-on effect on local authorities who could be in trouble for breaching duty of care rules for delivering contaminated feedstock to their [...]

29 Mar, 2019

Opinion: Why we need an international agreement on marine plastic pollution

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Plastic pollution is strewn across beaches and in oceans, bays, and estuaries. Tiny particles of plastic debris (often called microplastics) are so pervasive in aquatic ecosystems that we find them in seafood and table salt. Marine organisms ingest or are entangled by plastic, sometimes with fatal consequences. Research suggests plastic pollution may impact biodiversity, [...]

4 Mar, 2019

California proposes phaseout of single-use plastics by 2030

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California has already placed curbs on plastic items such as straws and bags — and this week legislation was introduced to phase out single-use plastic food containers and other packaging that isn't recyclable or compostable. The proposed measure also would apply to polystyrene foam containers used for takeout meals, as well as plastic detergent [...]

13 Feb, 2019

Spanish researchers explore the use of orange peels to produce bio-plastic

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An eco-friendly material made from orange peels could be used in the packaging and agricultural sectors, according to Spanish researchers working on a circular economy project called MIPLASCOE. Essentially, the researchers are aiming to recover the wastes generated in the orange juice sector in order to produce bio-plastic. Like plastic, when dried the [...]

3 Jan, 2019

Can soil organic carbon reverse atmospheric carbon dioxide build-up?

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We need increased levels of soil organic carbon in agriculture for greater soil fertility. Increased biomass production results from increased soil fertility and soil fertility are strongly correlated with soil organic matter content. Fertile soil therefore has the ability to feed more people and to store more carbon.  These are the primary benefits of fertile [...]

29 Nov, 2018

Corona launches plastic-free six pack rings

By |2019-05-08T10:01:17+00:00November 29th, 2018|News from the web|0 Comments

Corona announced that it will pilot plastic-free six pack rings in select markets as part of the brand’s commitment with Parley for the Oceans to lead the industry with eco-friendly packaging. Both Corona and Parley have a shared mission to help protect the world’s oceans and beaches from marine plastic pollution. The partnership [...]

28 Nov, 2018

Environmental experts reveal that 90 per cent Of Canada’s plastic is not recycled

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Today, Environmental Defence Canada revealed that the vast majority of plastic in Canada is actually not recycled, according to The Weather Network. In fact, a whopping 90 per cent of the plastic in the country is not getting recycled. The organization does charity and advocacy work on environmental issues affecting Canadians. The spokesperson from Environmental Defence has told The Weather [...]

15 Oct, 2018

We need more carbon in our soil to help Australian farmers through the drought

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Australia has never been a stranger to droughts, but climate change is now super-charging them. Besides taking a toll on human health, droughts also bake the earth. This means the ground holds less water, creating a vicious cycle of dryness. Our research has investigated ways to improve the health and structure of soil so [...]