BBIA Focus Areas 2024-2027

We unite those working in the bio-based and biodegradable industries, through advocacy, collaboration, and education, to put the industrial bioeconomy at the centre of sustainability and economic growth in the UK.

We have three focus areas, which we see as key to unlocking the benefits of the industrial bioeconomy.

Each of our focus areas has a working group that delivers a mutually agreed 12-month rolling work plan, to further the BBIA vision for a more sustainable future, where the UK is a global leader in developing, manufacturing, using and exporting bio-based and biodegradable solutions.

We encourage all of our members to join one or more of our working groups.

01 Enabling a truly circular bioeconomy

Enabling a truly circular economy, and in doing so reducing plastic pollution, through the promotion of compostable and biodegradable materials in areas such as food waste collection, agriculture, forestry and the marine environments.

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02 Supporting the defossilisation of hard to decarbonise sectors

Supporting the defossilisation of hard to decarbonise sectors, for example the UK chemicals and plastic’s industry, though the use of biomass as a renewable and more sustainable feedstocks, reducing our reliance on fossil resources.

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03 Developing the sustainable bio-based and biodegradable materials of the future

We support the development of novel bio-based and biodegradable materials which are a crucial aspect of a more sustainable future, where we limit our impact on natural ecosystems.

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