Advanced Packaging Technology World recently reported on a new bioplastic packaging collaboration between Veuve Cliquot and biopacking developer Netherlands-based PaperFoam.

The design had to provide a high-quality appearance and make the product easy to carry, as well as keeping the champagne cool. This posed a challenge when using the potato starch-derived packaging material PaperFoam produces.

PaperFoam’s CEO Mark Geerts gave an exclusive interview to Advanced Packaging Technology World. He explains:
‘Veuve Cliquot wanted new packaging for its marketing that is ecological and keeps the bottle cool. When we worked on that we realised that the starch content of the packaging could be a problem. When the champagne cools the air will condensate on the bottle, and when starch comes into contact with water, it will dissolve.’

PaperFoam worked with Aachen University on a formulation that keeps the packaging bio-based, while avoiding the moisture impact that feared from the Veuve Cliquot application.

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