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11 Sep, 2018

David Newman to discuss plastics at Labour Party conference

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BBIA Managing Director David Newman will be taking part in a panel discussion on plastics at the Labour Party conference called, 'Don't bottle it: How can Labour lead the purge on plastics?'. The fringe event will take place on Sunday 23 September between 12.45pm and 2pm at Blundell St Restaurant in Liverpool as part of [...]

10 Sep, 2018

BioPak produces simple video on composting

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Australian compostable packaging producer BioPak has teamed up with Soilco to produce a simple and clear video showing how food waste and compostable packaging should be handled together to provide organic matter that can then be used to replenish depleted soils. You can view the video in full below.

7 Sep, 2018

The Advertising Standards Authority of the UK uphold a claim against a company advertising plastic bags as ‘biodegradable’

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In what is believed to be a landmark ruling for the UK, the ASA has determined that the use of the term ‘biodegradable’ as used by Ancol Pet Products for their Refill Poop Bag Rolls ”is misleading and had not been substantiated”. Whilst the specific ruling applies to plastics made with oxo degradable additives, it [...]

2 Aug, 2018

Green light for compostables

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BBIA member the REA's Organics Recycling Group is pleased to confirm after discussions with the Animal and Plant Health Agency, Environment Agency and Scottish Environment Protection Agency, and much work by BBIA member Vegware, that the following compostable material types are allowed to be composted in a facility that does not have APHA approval under animal by-products regulations: [...]

16 Jul, 2018

David Newman to speak at RWM

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BBIA Managing Director David Newman is set to speak at RWM at the NEC in Birmingham over 12-13 September. RWM is the leading recycling and waste management event in the UK, displaying the latest innovations in sustainability to more than 12,000 recycling and waste management professionals. David will be speaking about the role of biodegradable [...]

6 Jul, 2018

IBioIC call for Phd programme 2019 applications

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The call for PhD Projects to enter IBioIC Collaborative Training Partnership (CTP) PhD Programme in October 2019 is now open. IBioIC welcomes applications from its academic partners (Scotland and N8 partnership) in joint collaboration with any of its industrial members. For 2019, there are 14 BBSRC- and six IBioIC-funded studentships with studentships allocated through a competitive process. The closing date [...]

2 Jul, 2018

Plastics recycling in the UK: Some thoughts from Green Alliance

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Following the publication of Resourcing the Future's (RTF) report on plastics, 'Eliminating avoidable plastic waste by 2042: a use-based approach to decision and policy-making', and BBIA's corresponding response, please find below links to blog posts from environmental think tank Green Alliance on the state of plastics recycling in the UK. Why the UK could soon [...]

28 Jun, 2018

BBIA contests findings of report produced for Resourcing the Future on plastic waste

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BBIA criticises Resourcing the Future’s (RTF) report on plastics, ‘Eliminating avoidable plastic waste by 2042: a use-based approach to decision and policy-making’, for the misinformation on bioplastics contained in the report. BBIA feels that the report contains a number of inaccuracies that mislead the public and are damaging to the bioplastics sector at a time of [...]

14 Jun, 2018

BBIA clarifies role of compostable packaging in the circular economy

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The BBIA has published a document aiming to clarify the role of biodegradable packaging in the circular economy and clear up persisting myths around compostable bioplastics. The document defines as compostable 'materials which are certified to biodegrade in a certain time and place'. They are not designed to biodegrade by the roadside and are not a solution [...]