Facility advancing 100 per cent bio-based PET

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Facility advancing 100 per cent bio-based PET

American biochemical producer Anellotech has finished construction on a fully-integrated development and testing facility to produce 100 per cent bio-based plastic drinks bottles for beverage company Suntory Holdings Ltd.

The TCat-8 facility, designed by the sustainable technology company Anellotech and its partner IFP Energies Nouvelles (IFPEN), is a result of the partnership with Japan-based Suntory, which began in 2012, and will be operational at the end of January.

The facility is seen as a giant step forward for the development and commercialisation of 100 per cent plant-based bottles, the overall aim of the partnership, which has so far produced more than $15 million (£10.4 million) worth of funding.

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