Bioplastics: end the confusion

//Bioplastics: end the confusion

Bioplastics: end the confusion

Bioplastics industry need to give the public more adequately explanation of the difference between biobased and biodegradable


The term bioplastics causes much confusion and will continue to do so, according to my conviction. The public does not seem to grasp the difference between bio as in biobased and bio as in biodegradable. As the plastic soup problem tends to become more important than the non-fossil origin of plastics, bioplastics come under fire because most of them are not biodegradable. It is high time to divide plastics into two distinct groups: the biodegradable plastics on the one hand, and the plastics that are recycled on the other hand. Insofar the latter plastics enter into an open, non-industrial system, people will have to pay a deposit for them. Or the producer will have to remain the owner and be responsible.

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