The BBC’s Circular Economy series highlights the ways we are designing systems to reduce the waste modern society generates, by reusing and repurposing products. This week we look at compostable and biodegradable packaging.

Stonehaven, a seaside town just south of Aberdeen on Scotland’s east coast, first made its culinary mark with the invention of the deep-fried Mars Bar. These days it’s making a new gastronomic name for itself, thanks to the success of The Bay, the local fish and chip shop.

Right on the harbour front, seagulls swoop overhead, and the waves rolling in from the North Sea sometimes crash right up against the door. But, alongside its picturesque location and traditional menu, The Bay is scoring points when it comes to sustainability.

Partly because the natural world is so literally on his doorstep, chef Calum Richardson decided right from the outset The Bay wouldn’t be leaving a waste trail of plastic cutlery, pots and packaging. So all of the tableware he uses from tea cups to knives and forks is 100 per cent compostable.