What the UK needs to make the bioeconomy take off

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What the UK needs to make the bioeconomy take off

Managing Director of the Bio-based and Biodegradable Industries Association (BBIA), David Newman, has stated that a UK bioeconomy will result in more jobs, more investment, more exports, less imports, less CO2 and less waste.

Speaking at the ADBA Conference, on 2 July in Birmingham, Mr Newman explained that a UK bioeconomy would:
• Create value by using resources more efficiently by maximising the potential of waste, agriculture and forestry residues;
• Diversify and grow farmers’ incomes: up to 40 per cent additional margins with existing residues;
• Bring existing value chains to new levels and build new value chains, thus revitalising industry in rural environment;
• Realise a new generation of bio-based materials and composites produced in biorefineries;
• Create a competitive bio-based infrastructure in Europe, boosting job creation, 80 per cent of which will be in rural and underdeveloped areas; and
• Replace at least 30 per cent of oil-based chemicals and materials with bio- based and biodegradable ones (2030 target).

Mr Newman concluded that if the UK wants to get serious about bioeconomy it can take several, easy and cost-effective measures:
• Change the scenario on waste management, improving recovery of organics and linking this to improved soil management;
• Create incentives and obligations through legislation; and
• Adopt Preferential Government Procurement.

Read the full presentation. 

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