BBIA Managing Director David Newman participated in a debate held by Ian Bates and Dan Evans from REELbrands.

The debate focussed on the influence of money;  what is really fuelling climate change and the impact this is having on the environment and society. A huge topic indeed, which David managed to clearly articulate in clear practical terms for everyone to understand. He has worked for Greenpeace as well as local and national Government agencies.

David is a pragmatic, straight-talking person who is very experienced at challenging and influencing leaders and policy whilst building long term relationships through collaboration.

In response to Ian’s question, David mentioned that the book that has influenced him most was Napoleon’s greatest victory, The Battle of Austerlitz in 1805, go to the Goodreads website for more information.

To order a copy of David’s book ‘Everything is Connected’ , go to the Goodreads website.

 Watch the debate on YouTube.