The LBNet Proof Of Concept (POC) call is now open. The deadline to submit POC proposals is 11 November 2016. This funding call will be for projects focussed on feasibility studies and development of enabling technologies for the establishment of lignocellulosic biorefineries in the UK (funding value of up to £100K per project). 

LBNet has commissioned a landscape study on the potential for integrated lignocellulosic biorefineries in the UK based on a range of feedstock types. This document informs applicants as to the indicative feasibility of various biorefinery scenarios that might be appropriate to the UK and will serve as a context for the funding call. The POC application form and the mentioned landscape study are available to download from the LBNet website – 

LBNet also offers Business Interaction Vouchers (BIV) up to £10K to be used to encourage and support collaboration between academics and industrialists within the LBNet scope. The collaboration can be any defined piece of work by the academic partner for the industrial partner. For more information about BIV visit