Hot water-soluble laundry bags made from Aquapak polymer have been launched by Australian distributor, DB Packaging.

The bags can be used to hold dirty or contaminated laundry and can be put directly into washing machines without the risk of direct human contact. As the bags dissolve safely in hot water, there is no plastic residue to dispose of or that can potentially cause machine breakdown, whilst retaining all the functionality of traditional plastic bags. They are also non-toxic, marine-safe and biodegradable.

Based in New South Wales, DB Packaging, an eco packaging company that provides innovative and environmentally sustainable packaging solutions, has worked with its manufacturer, Advent Packaging, to bring to market its range of cytotoxic laundry bags and food waste bags made from Aquapak’s HydropolTM polymer pellets.

DB Packaging ‘s hot water-soluble laundry bags are supplied to hospitals and care homes, hotels and commercial laundries. The company approached Aquapak as it wanted an ‘eco’ version that would retain the strength, puncture resistance, barrier properties and durability of traditional laundry bags, whilst reducing the amount of contaminated bed linen that had to be incinerated. The resulting bags remove the process of having to remove laundry from bags before washing and negate the occupational health and safety risks when there is heavily soiled, infectious or cytotoxic content. Cytotoxic linen is also easily identified.

Likewise, being hot water soluble, DB Packaging’s range of food waste bags have proven to be of particular interest to the food waste collection and anaerobic digestion processors, as they bypass the need for expensive de-packaging equipment and improve the overall quality of digestate.

Commenting, Director of DB packaging David Beaver said: “HydropolTM from Aquapak is already changing the medical arena and will continue to improve the way both businesses and consumers can handle waste.  There are many applications for this material but the real winner is the Environment, as the material is water soluble, non-toxic and marine safe.”

Mark Lapping, Aquapak CEO, added: “It’s fantastic to see Aquapak polymer being made into laundry and food waste bags that are transforming the way these are used in everyday processes. We look forward to seeing further innovative solutions from DB Packaging in the future!”