The BBIA has submitted its response to HM Treasury’s consultation on the potential use of economic incentives to reduce single-use plastic waste and stimulate innovation in packaging technology and recycling.

The document, submitted on 18 May 2018, calls for:

  • The banning of oxo-degradable plastics in the UK;
  • The introduction of obligatory food waste collections across England as a reduction and recycling measure for plastic waste;
  • The full cost recovery of packaging waste to include collection and treatment; and
  • Reform of the PRN system and introducing  a contributory system where materials that are easier to recycle are privileged with lower costs while difficult-to-recycle items pay higher contributions. Packaging materials that are certified compostable under the BSEN13432 standard should pay into a reformed extended producer responsibility system as ‘organically recyclable plastics’.

You can view the BBIA’s full response to the consultation at: Tackling the Plastics Problem treasury consultation final May 18th 2018