Since its establishment in June 2015 the BBIA has immediately engaged with policy makers.

Dear to the interests of several members is the plastic bag charge, referred to in the MD’s introductory article in this newsletter. BBIA attended the Special Advisory Group meeting at DEFRA on June 22nd bringing to the discussion the perspective relating to the use of compostable bags and the need to give them a level playing field in future legislation.

In July, BBIA wrote to both DEFRA Under Secretaries, the Hon. Liz Truss and the Hon. Rory Stewart to request an appointment to explain what the BBIA asks of government policy to promote bioeconomy industries in the UK. Further BBIA constructively engaged DEFRA on use of compostable plastic bags as carriers and their links into organic recycling programmes and will shortly issue  guidelines for retailers and suppliers.

Also in July, BBIA engaged with the Hon Mark Durkan, Minister of Environment for Northern Ireland, on the review of the plastic bags charge bringing to his attention evidence on how compostable bags could improve organics collection in that country.

In August, BBIA registered with the EU Transparency Register and has given its comments on proposed legislation in the EU, such as the Circular Economy package.

Also in August, the Hon. Sajid Javid, the new Business Minister, responded to BBIA’s welcome and overview of its work.

BBIA MD David Newman spoke at the July 2nd ADBA Conference on how the organics treatment industry and bio-based and biodegradable producers can work together to promote cross-sectorial collaborations; will be speaking to the CRE’ annual meeting in Ireland on September 1st and later to the RWM Circular Economy Connect in Birmingham on September 17th and in Glasgow on October 7th at CIWM Scotland’s conference.