Angela Morris from BBIA member Woolcool describes how to company is innovating food and pharmaceutical packaging for the circular economy:

With a close eye on the growing demand for a Circular Economy approach to disruptive product innovation and the creation of material value beyond the point-of-sale, Woolcool insulated packaging is setting new performance standards in the distribution of food and highly temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals for livestock and human vaccines, where wastage due to cold chain logistics failings is a global issue.WOOLCOOL_LifeGUARDIAN_PHOTO

The Woolcool natural packaging solution for food and pharmaceuticals isn’t just for today, it’s a game changer that will contribute to improvement in the health of future generations.

Many companies have pounced on ‘sustainability’ as an easier option than proving real ‘green credentials’ or environmental benefits, but we don’t need to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.

Instead of making tenuous sustainability claims about products that really aren’t, we’ve simply come up with products that genuinely are, on every count.

Wool is available in abundance worldwide and as a by-product of the food industry, it doesn’t need a complex, chemical process to make it into insulation because it does this naturally – a ‘smart’ technical fibre. Our outer packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials and the wool is compostable.

Unlike oil based packaging, Woolcool will not only stand the test of time long into the future, but brings businesses the added value of being the environmentally responsible packaging solution that consumers, and the world, are crying out for.

See Woolcool’s website for more information