Novamont has announced a new line of bio-based and biodegradable ingredients for cosmetic applications called CELUS-BI®.

The new ingredients have been produced to prevent the use of non-biodegradable microplastics used in cosmetic products, which once used end up in the ocean, contributing to marine plastic pollution and harming marine wildlife.

The most advanced product in the range, CELUS-BI® FEEL, is an original and sustainable response to the need to eliminate microplastics from ‘leave-on’ cosmetics. This product, developed in close collaboration with ROELMI HPC (a leading Italian company with long-standing experience in sustainable cosmetics), biodegrades rapidly and totally in the environment in accordance with the guidelines of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). It is fully biodegraded in just a few days in a purifying plant, ensuring that no residues end up in rivers and seas and with the enormous advantage that the resulting sludge has no microplastics.

CELUS-BI® FEEL is suitable for applications where dispersion in water if highly likely, eliminating potential pollution and/or accumulation, while it produces 75-95 per cent fewer greenhouse gases and consumes 60-75 per cent non-renewable energy from ‘cradle to gate’ than ingredients currently used in cosmetic products. CELUS-BI® FEEL is a texturising agent that guarantees excellent use properties such as softness, velvet touch and film-forming capacities. The ingredient also has excellent sebum control and high compatibility with active substances, vegetable oils and fragrances.

Other products in the range include CELUS-BI® SPHERA (exfoliants) and CELUS-BI® ESTERS (emollients), products made with renewable raw materials of European origin in synergy with food crops, respecting the specific nature of local areas.

Commenting on the new ingredients, Novamont CEO Catia Bastioli said: “The solution to the problem of microbeads in cosmetics that CELUS-BI® FEEL and CELUS-BI® SPHERA represent is a concrete demonstration that the integrated supply chain created by Novamont over the years, and which is still evolving, is a rich source of opportunities in many sectors, both upstream and downstream.

“Collaboration with partners like Roelmi, that are open to innovation, competent and sensitive to issues such as sustainability, is essential. Starting from products developed jointly, it will be possible to create new alliances with companies that share our commitment to the environment and local areas in order to speed up sustainable transformation of the sector.”