SBlogo2009Founded in 1983 Snow Business is the world’s biggest supplier of winter special effects to the film and television industry. Chances are you won’t have heard of us but it’s a dead cert that you will have seen our work and our products. Some years all the snow in every single advert at Christmas will have been provided by us and then there is Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Sherlock, the list goes on and on.

We got to where we are not just by being the best at what we do but by supplying the best products. Snow Business’s big break came when Darcey Crownshaw (our MD) developed fake snow made from paper. At the time almost all special effects companies were using Urea Formaldehyde foam and while it looked good it was a toxic nightmare to work with and an environmental disaster to boot. Darcy’s non-toxic recycled paper snow took the industry by storm and today Snow Business has a presence in 34 countries and controls about 90 per cent of the world market in winter special effects for film and TV.

Being kind to the environment is key to our success and over the years we have steadily improved all our products. We now use PLA packaging and PLA Snow Blanket (instead of Dacron). Our falling snow fluid is the most environmentally friendly in the world and was developed to be used inside the tropical biome of Cornwall’s Eden project. Many of our products are made from recycled paper and cellulose as well.


Despite all this we still have some way to go to make all our products as kind to the planet as the real thing, and that’s where we need your help. If you have or are developing a packaging material that’s white, clear or even sparkly then we need to hear from you. We also need to hear from you if it’s black or grey as increasingly we provide “burnt out” special effects too. What we can offer you apart from our custom and our gratitude is the chance for your company to work with us on case studies which will allow you to bask in the reflected light of Hollywood (although it’s more Pinewood these days).

We look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Denney, Head of Research

01453 769735