Jeremy Jacobs retires from REA and BBIA

//Jeremy Jacobs retires from REA and BBIA

Jeremy Jacobs retires from REA and BBIA

Jeremy Jacobs, Technical Director at the REA and BBIA Board Member, has retired following a 40-year career.

Following Jacobs’ retirement, Jenny Grant will now serve as Head of Organics and Natural Capital at the REA. The REA’s Emily Nichols has replaced Jacobs on the board of the BBIA.

Jacobs has had a long and varied career that has taken him around the world studying and working in Australia, Tasmania and America. Jacobs’ first venture into the world of organics was with a 25-year stint in commercial mushroom production, when he was part of a management buyout of Heinz’s UK mushroom interests, including five mushroom farms. Following this Jacobs embarked upon a successful and greatly valued career in The Composting Association, which later became known as the AfOR and eventually part of the REA. During this role he has played an integral part in several high impact campaigns including the pushing mandatory food waste collections.

Today (1 June), the REA’s Jenny Grant will be taking over many of Jacobs’ duties in her new role as Head of Organics and Natural Capital. Already a valued member of staff and figure in the organics sector, Grant brings a breadth of experience and knowledge to the role.

Commenting on the announcement, Jacobs said: “Working in the organics industry over the past 40 years has been, at some points frustrating, but hugely rewarding. I’ve been lucky enough to see first-hand and play an important role in policies that will be watershed moments for the industry such as rolling out mandatory food waste collections and the Environment Bill.

“Retiring is a very bittersweet moment, but I am content in knowing that the future of the sector looks brighter than ever and I couldn’t think of a better successor than Jenny Grant.”

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