The Cré Compostable Certification Scheme is the only Irish scheme providing third party independent assessment that packaging is compostable in Ireland and is accepted in food waste bins (brown bins).

The Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Micheal Martin said: “It is recognised that the scheme supports producer, public and consumer awareness and action in both the circular economy and the bioeconomy through enhanced product labelling, sustainable business models and knowledge transfer.

“The National Waste Action plan for a Circular Economy aims to realise the full potential of the circular practices and composting, and this scheme represents an important contribution to achieving this goal.”

He also said: “I look forward to hearing the future developments of the scheme and wish Cré the best of luck in its success.”

“The Cré scheme gives confidence to Irish users that the product is compostable and is accepted in food waste bins for processing locally in Ireland,” said Martin Eves, Chairman of Cré.