Iris Anderson

Iris Anderson

Iris Anderson has 35 years of policy, business and research experience. She has represented the UK in bioeconomy, agriculture, energy and sustainability issues and is proficient in global marketing of UK agri-tech and bioindustries.

She has spent the majority of her career within MAFF, Defra and the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Her various roles have included Head of Energy Innovation and Head of Renewable Materials. She sponsored the National Non Food Crops Centre and led various projects.  She has developed UK and EU policy on the use of bio resources, with emphasis on biomaterials and energy from waste to maximise efficiency and greenhouse gas reductions.

She promotes bioeconomy opportunities to businesses and provides consultancy and advice to businesses that develop and adopt bio renewables. Her work has given her a unique knowledge of the various stakeholders in the bioenergy and biomass industries including industry, academia, research and innovation bodies. She has supported bioenergy and biomass developments and other related initiatives in energy and renewables. She is an evaluator for BBI JU and Horizon 2020.

She also has expertise in diversity, helping to build the business case for more diversity in industry and government. Has led cross Whitehall diversity networks and staff development including mentoring and coaching.