BSI, the UK’s national standards organisation, has launched a new standard for the circular economy, ‘BS 8001:2017: Framework for implementing the principles of the circular economy in organisations – guide’, the world’s first for implementing circular economy principles.

The new standard is the first framework of its kind and is designed to be applicable to businesses of all sizes as they seek to move to a more circular model. BSI 8001 aims to aid the navigation of the tricky transition period for businesses towards a circular model, outlining what the circular economy is and providing guidelines for the implementation of more sustainable practices.

An executive briefing document explaining how the standard works is free to download at the BSI website:–a-Guide

The flyer downloadable here explains the basics of the standards. Bulk sales discounts are available.

A webinar on BS 8001, co-hosted by IEMA, CIWM and BSI is taking place on the 12 July 12:30 – 13:30 and several of the drafting panel members will be presenting on BS 8001.

This webinar will provide expert perspectives on how BS 8001 will help build understanding and empower organisations to begin, continue, or accelerate their circular economy journey. It will be delivered as a series of expert perspectives, followed by a panel discussion responding to your questions. The panellists worked on the BS 8001’ drafting group so they have a detailed knowledge of the new standard and are ready to answer a wide range of questions.”

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