Workshop: Mixed microbial culture PHA, properties and applications

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For 15 years (from 2006-2021) we have successfully held 6 fruitful biennial MMC PHA research workshops, organised by research groups in Delft, Lund, Lisbon, Rome, Toulouse and Venice.

Since the last workshop held in 2019, there has been a number of exciting steps and developments in the area of PHA, not only for MMC synthesis but also for the understanding of the biopolymer structure properties and processing relationships, scaling up and the subsequent development of industrial applications.

Several EU projects, such as USABLE PACKAGING, SCALIBUR, RESURBIS, NOAW and YPACK, drive to push the fundamentals and TRL developments upwards in understanding and scale PHA to achieve new biobased solutions.

To share and capture the snapshot in the current state of advancements, on behalf of the organising committee, we welcome your participation to the 7th MMC PHA research workshop to be held at CASA DE LA CIENCIA, Delegation of CSIC in the Valencian Region, in Valencia on 21 and 22 September 2021.

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