Webinar: How to get rid of plastic pollution? Can composting come in where material recycling ends?

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The annual flow of plastic into the ocean is projected to nearly triple by 2040, and without immediate action, its effect on our environment could be catastrophic. At every stage of its lifecycle, plastic poses distinct risks to human health, arising from both exposure to plastic particles themselves and associated chemicals.

Compostable solutions promise to bring these polymers safely back to the earth when packaging cannot be avoided. Consumers are enthusiastic, governments start looking into solutions, and so are brand-owners and retailers – but is it enough?

Of the 11M tons of plastic discarded in the ocean every year, over 5M tons is flexible packaging. There is no silver bullet solution that to end the plastic pollution for soil and sea. Can compostable packaging provide a solution where recyclable packaging struggles to provide answers. Can compostable packaging address the recycling challenge of flexibles and creating a package that integrates with food waste collection systems? What are the risks and what are the opportunities?

SYSTEMIQ just published a ground-breaking report with the Pew Charitable Trusts to find solutions to the global plastic problem. TIPA produces compostable solutions for flexible packaging.

Speakers include

David Newman, Managing Director BBIA (moderator)
Yoni Shiran, Program Director, Breaking the Plastic Wave – SYSTEMIQ
Julia Koskella, Plastic Reduction Lead, Breaking the Plastic Wave – SYSTEMIQ
Julia Schifter, VP Strategy TIPA

This event is free to attend. Register here. 

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