USABLE PACKAGING, one year of project work: An update from the partners

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As the COVID-19 pandemic has validated a whole new way of working and communicating online, the team of partners from the USABLE PACKAGING project will be bringing you a live update on their progress, online, in this two-hour webinar on 2 July.

The project, which has the ambition to produce innovative, biodegradable materials using by-products of the food industry as a feedstock, has already achieved several important milestones.

A wide-ranging network of stakeholders is actively engaged in sharing views on the project development within the wider framework of the circular economy, waste management and product markets.

You can find more information on the USABLE PACKAGING project on the project website here:

Webinar speakers will include the project leader, Professor Jose Lagaron of CSIC (Spain), and Work Package leaders Dr Fabiana Fantinel of Innoexc Gmbh (Switzerland), Dr Alessandro Carfagnini of Sabio
Materials (Italy), David Bolzanella of Innoven (Italy) and David Newman of BBIA (UK).

Partners of the project will also be participating online to answer questions from the audience.

We also hope to have with us a representative of BBIJU who will present their recent publication “A high-impact initiative for green recovery of Europe” in which the projects financed by the consortium are illustrated.

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Registration is free.

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