Towards Net Zero: Growing the Bioeconomy – IBioIC’s 7th Annual Conference

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IBioIC’s flagship annual conference returns for its seventh  year on 10 – 11 February 2021 in a virtual setting.

Never before has the need to secure the bioeconomy become more apparent.

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven the need for a green recovery, with the Scottish and the UK governments publishing economic plans that are designed to support the green economy of the future. The growth of the bioeconomy will support recovery plans for Scotland and the UK: bringing jobs, opportunities, and a sustainable, green approach to benefit the low carbon agenda. By kickstarting the transition from an economy largely reliant on fossil fuels, the application of biotechnology at the industrial level will propel Scotland and the wider UK towards meeting the Net-Zero targets.

The key promise of a bio-based economy is we can grow the sources of raw materials for every day products. Industrial Biotechnology (IB) is one of the many faces of innovation in the life sciences world. IB offers sustainable, scalable solutions to the current environmental challenges facing many industries.

Scotland can grow a clean, sustainable economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, through prioritising biotechnology that will support the transition from using petrochemicals as the main source of our energy and chemicals, which is something we must do if we are to meet the ambitious net-zero carbon targets in Scotland by 2045 and 2050 in the UK.

Biotechnology has a lot to offer in creating a sustainable bioeconomy equipped for the future, and innovation is key.

Towards Net Zero: Growing the Bioeconomy will delve into how biotechnology can contribute to the Net Zero targets, taking a themed approach that focuses in on areas where biotechnology can drive growth, and ultimately a green recovery. Themes will include:

·  Climate Change: how biotechnology can help address climate challenges.

·  Health and Wellbeing: how biotechnology contribute to medical innovations, as well as human health and wellbeing.

·  Alternative Proteins: exploring innovations in the field of alternative proteins for both human and animal consumption.

·  Bioeconomy Accelerator: looking to the future and how we can secure a bioeconomy.

There will also be opportunities for delegates to network with colleagues from across the sector with one-to-one partnering sessions taking place throughout the afternoon on both days.

Register on the IBioIC website.

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