Industrial Biotechnology for Biocomposites

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The aim of this meeting is to bring together researchers, material suppliers and end users in the areas of Industrial Biotechnology for Biocomposite production.  Composite manufacturers have a desire to reduce their carbon footprint by substituting petrochemicals with biobased materials.  They may also wish to exploit the different properties which may be achieved by the use of novel monomers or additives.  Industrial biotechnologists need to meet customers to better understand the demands of the applications which could exploit their products.


Programme subject to change in the time leading up to the event…

09:30    Registration
09:55    Welcome and Introduction
10:00    Biorenewables: Optimising Feedstocks, Improving Processes and Valorising By-Products – Mark Gronnow, Biorenewables Development Centre
10:30    Funding Pre-Revenue Start-ups in Bio – John Williams, S’Investec
11:00    National Industrial Biotechnology Strategy: Past, Present and Future – Aurora Pinas-Fernandez, KTN – Biosciences and Biotechnology

11:30    Break

11:50    A Comparison of Nettle Fibres with Flax and Jute in a Floreon Modified PLA Matrix – Stella Manoli, University of Sheffield

12:20    Novel Chemical Modification of Cellulose for High-Performance Biocomposites – Richard Stephenson, University of East Anglia

12:50    Lunch

13:30    Bacterial Cellulose: Widening its Market through Innovation – Fengge Gao, Nottingham Trent University
14:00    Using Agriculture By-Product as Flame Retardant Additives for Poly(lactide) – Fouad Laoutid, Materia Nova
14:30    Bio-Based Succinic Acid: The “Flexible-Hard” Acid for Polyester Resins and Composites with Improved UV Stability and Excellent Mechanical Properties – Patrick Piot, Bio-Amber
15:00    Nano Crystalline Cellulose Foam for Insulation, Cores and Other Applications – Anthony Stevenson, ELG Carbon Fibre (previously NetComposites)

15:30    Close & Optional Tour

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