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It’s been over a year since the government issued its roadmap to reforming the resources and waste sectors. The first consultations concluded in May 2019 with responses from the government in July 2019, whilst the consultation on Biodegradability Standards closed in October. A second round of consultations on EPR, DRS, collections and the Plastic Tax, is expected in 2020 (and may even have been announced by the time we meet here).

Meanwhile, Parliament unanimously agreed to a binding net carbon zero target for 2050 and a new government has been elected with a resounding mandate to govern for the next five years. The big questions are: how much alignment will there continue to be with EU policy on the environment and will the policy frameworks outlined in the Resources and Waste Strategy be confirmed?

Throughout this day together we try to understand the certainties and the uncertainties we all face in coming to conclusions on these issues regarding waste, packaging, consumer behaviour, bioeconomy and circular economy – issues which will shape investments, employment, technologies and services over the next 15 to 20 years.

The day will be organised with a mixture of keynote presentations on the wider issues followed by Q&A sessions, to expert panels on the specifics.

Public sector bodies and BBIA members will be able to send one representative free of charge. For all others, the cost will be £65 (inclusive of VAT). Refreshments will be served over the course of the meeting.

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9.15am Introduction and welcome

Andy Sweetman, BBIA Chairman

9.30am-10.30am Session 1 – POLICIES

Keynote 1: Setting the scene – Peter Jones, Principal Consultant, Eunomia research and consulting.

The Policy Panel: Defra (Tom Pye, Linda Crichton), BEIS (Jo Bray), The Treasury (Alex Hattersley), BBIA (John Williams).

10.30 am-11am Coffee break

11am-12pm Session 2 – WASTE MANAGEMENT

Keynote: Felix Gummer, Director, Sancroft International

The Waste Management Panel: Suez (Adam Read), ESA (Jacob Hayler), Viridor (Dan Cooke), CIWM (Pat Jennings), BBIA (Tony Breton)

12pm-1pm Session 3 – MATERIAL RECOVERY

Keynote: How to get buy-in from consumers – Jane Bevis, Chair, OPRL

The Materials Recovery Panel: RECOUP (Stuart Foster), CPI (Simon Weston), WRAP (Helen Bird), BBIA (Paul Mines)

1pm-2pm Lunch break

2pm-3pm Session 4 – ORGANICS RECOVERY

Keynote: Inputs and outputs for biowaste recovery – Kathryn Nichols and Judy Proctor, the Environment Agency

The Organics Recovery Panel: ADBA (Charlotte Morton), ORG/REA (Charlie Trousdell, Jeremy Jacobs), BBIA (Jens Hamprecht), COOP (Iain Ferguson)

3pm-4pm Session 5 – PACKAGING

Keynote: Tying it all up – financing the transition with EPR – Paula Chin, Sustainable Materials Specialist, WWF

The Packaging Panel: Defra (Linda Crichton), Ecosurety (Robbie Staniforth), LARAC (Lee Marshall), BBIA (Jean-Marc Nony)

Concluding remarks

David Newman, BBIA Managing Director

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