BioFutures Symposium 2023

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The BioFutures Symposium 2023 is hosted by the BioFutures IDRT, one of seven Northumbria University Interdisciplinary Research Themes (IDRTs).

BioFutures IDRT’s ambition is to perform world leading research in design-led innovation through biology-centred technology and engineering. By combining design thinking with biotechnology, they seek to create sustainable and socially responsible products and services that can benefit society and the environment. Biotechnology is entering a new stage in its development, leaving the laboratory, and entering the real world. This creates new challenges and innovation opportunities to develop challenge-led solutions through design thinking.Connect and collaborate

Through the BioFutures Symposium 2023, they would like to connect educators, researchers, design practitioners, industrialists and students from biology, engineering, environmental sciences, architecture, fashion, innovation design, computer sciences and social sciences, to showcase and discuss the potential for interdisciplinary collaboration.

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