Bio-resources: feeding a sustainable chemical industry – Faraday Discussion

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This Faraday Discussion aims to address some of the critical issues in this field by bringing together experts in different but complementary areas in the chemical sciences. These issues include:

  • Which resources?
  • All chemicals or specialities only?
  • How can (green) chemistry complement biotechnology in the production of chemicals and materials?
  • Which catalytic technologies re best suited for the biomass challenge and what are the knowledge gaps?
  • Can we use the synthetic chemistry toolkit to create a new chemistry set based on (bio-derived) platform molecules?
  • How can (green) chemistry help the bio-energy (including bio-fuel) industries?
  • Do chemists understand enough about biomass?
  • What will be the most important biomass conversion technologies?
  • How can we address the complex separation and analysis issues associated with biomass chemistry?
  • What proportion of materials (especially polymers) can bio-based products replace?
  • Should bio-based chemicals and materials be drop-in or do we need to start new molecules and processes and create new formulations to deal with new components?

These topics are largely unresolved and sometimes controversial yet their solution is essential. This Faraday Discussion will provide the opportunity for discussion and networking of the multidisciplinary team needed to make good progress.

For further information and to register for this event, please visit the event’s website.

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