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Bio-Based World is a global business, content and networking community for innovation and sustainability professionals.

It provides an independent platform for brands, retailers, chemical companies, research institutions, investors and technology leaders, passionate about developing biobased solutions based on innovations in chemistry and chemical processes.


Bio-Based Chemicals World brings together specialist chemical companies, manufacturers, technology providers and global brands to share best practice that will support the growth, commercialisation and adoption of biobased products. The congress encourages interaction and best practice sharing to overcome challenges in developing biobased solutions and accelerating there adoption, providing additional value and cost competitive solution to traditional products.


Bio-Based Products World looks at success stories for brands and retailers shaping the future of business. Consumer behaviour and employee expectations are changing. Lip service to environmental awareness is no longer enough; brands need to look at bio-based products as part of their sustainable future in a way that is responds to consumer changes. Bio-Based Products World brings together leading brands to look at successful adoptions of new products, better understand societal and consumer demand, demonstrate cost savings with sustainable initiatives and uncover new biobased adoption solutions.

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