Extended producer responsibility (EPR) has arrived in the UK for compostable food packaging.

Vegware, a compostable products supplier based in Scotland and also active in the USA, began its partnership with the composting sector in 2010 to enable its clients to access commercial composting.

Eilidh Brunton, senior waste management consultant at Vegware, said: “Vegware has always wanted to provide a zero waste solution for the foodservice sector.

“We manufacture and market a certified compostable line of products and from the outset, we have worked with the waste sector to help customers access suitable composting.. That is not without its challenges, but from a producer responsibility perspective, it was one we wanted to take on.”

Trade waste collections for used Vegware are now available in 56 of the 100 biggest cities across the UK, which includes 72 per cent of the UK’s urban population. Frustrated by a lack of collections in its home turf, Vegware launched its Close The Loop collection programme in Scotland in 2017, providing an EPR service.