COP26 finds consensus on key climate change strategies

COP26 deliberations came to an end recently. The wide-ranging set of decisions, resolutions and statements that constitute the outcome of the summit were the fruit of intense negotiations, strenuous formal and informal work over many months, and constant engagement both in-person and virtually for nearly two years. The package adopted, the UN says, was a global compromise that reflects a delicate balance between the interests and aspirations of nearly the 200 Parties to the core instruments on the international regime that governs global efforts against climate change.

Under the UK presidency and with the support of the UNFCCC Secretariat, delegates forged agreements that strengthened ambition in the three pillars of collective climate action.

Adaptation was the object of particular emphasis during the deliberations, with Parties establishing a work programme to define the global goal on adaptation, which identified collective needs and solutions to the climate crisis already affecting many countries.

Finance was discussed in detail throughout the session, and there was consensus on the need to continue increasing support to developing countries. Calls were made to at least double finance for adaptation, this being welcomed by the Parties. The duty to fulfil the pledge of providing 100 billion dollars annually from developed to developing countries was reaffirmed, with a process to define the new global goal on finance also being launched.

On mitigation, the persistent gap in emissions was clearly identified, with Parties collectively agreeing to work to reduce that gap and to ensure that the world continues to advance during the present decade, so that the rise in the average temperature is limited to 1.5 degrees. Parties were encouraged to strengthen their emissions reductions and to align their national climate action pledges with the Paris Agreement.

To read the full story, visit the UNFCCC website.

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