The BBIA shares information about the role of the bioeconomy and the opportunities that arise from using biodegradable products. Our conferences bring together experts in the field to share knowledge and expertise in order to advance the bioeconomy.

Previous events

Everything is Connected: Resource and waste management – a blueprint for a circular bioeconomy

This event took place on 15 November at the Society of Chemical Industry in London and addressed how climate change, soil and water quality, biodiversity loss, food production and waste, packaging and packaging waste, energy policies and health, are inextricably linked, and how cross-sector solutions are needed to provide a coherent framework for action in these areas.

Powerpoint presentations from the conference are available below by clicking on the presentation titles.

Session oneThe Big Picture

Waste and resources: Circles, spirals, lines – Dominic Hogg, Chairman, Eunomia Research and Consulting

Soil, the food chain, food waste and climate change – Stephanie Draper, Chief Change Officer, Forum for the Future, Sustainable Soil Alliance

Food, crop protection, health and soil: How biotechnologies will supply us with healthier food – Jennifer Lewis, Head of Innovation and Development CERTIS Europe

Bioeconomy, circular economy, pollution abatement, soil and water – Steven Pritchard, Product Safety Compliance Officer, Fuchs Lubricants UK

Session twoTowards a blueprint for a resource efficient economy

Why we should turn off the plastic tap – Sian Sutherland, Co-founder, A Plastics Planet