CGF publishes video on TIPA’s biodegradable packaging

Plastic waste has rightly been vilified for the damage it can do to the environment.

One of the biggest problems is the amount of time plastic takes to degrade – remaining in ecosystems potentially for hundreds of years. By the middle of this century it is thought that there will be more kilograms of plastic in the oceans than the weight of all the fish combined.

The problem with plastics is that much of it cannot be recycled. Tipa produces compostable plastics that can replace mainstream flexible alternatives. Their hope is that they can encourage a circular economy, where biodegradable plastics replace single-use plastics – and then are returned to the soil once they have served their purpose.

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) has released a video produced for TIPA by BBC StoryWorks on TIPA’s biodegradable plastic.

The video shows how TIPA, a BBIA member, is working to produce plastic that breaks down into small parts – which are then consumed by bacteria. The bacteria creates compost, which then acts as a fertiliser.

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