The UK Government has released its Bioeconomy Strategy, which outlines how the UK can become a world-leader in the bioeconomy by 2030.

The strategy, released on 5 December, seeks to double the value of the bioeconomy to the UK economy from £220 billion to £440 billion and create a fertile policy environment conducive to the growth of bio-based sector.

The strategy has four strategic goals, which are:

  • Capitalise on the UK’s world-class research, development and innovation to grow the bioeconomy;
  • Maximise productivity and potential from existing UK bioeconomy assets;
  • Deliver real, measurable benefits for the UK economy; and
  • Create the right societal and market conditions to allow innovative bio-based products and services to thrive.

You can view the strategy in its entirety on the government website, as well as the government’s response to last year’s call for evidence.