UK AD and Biogas 2015

Managing Director of BBIA David Newman will be presenting at the Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association’s (ADBA) now-annual UK AD and Biogas conference taking place on 1-2 July.

Newman will be talking to an audience of waste operators whose business touches very closely to the whole bioeconomy and bioresource question – in fact, AD operators have privileged access to organic waste, a stream useful for the production of biopolymers as well as bio-energy.

Speaking of his address, Newman said: “My proposal to the audience is a tough one for them – it is to raise the value chain of their business through raising standards, if we want a bioeconomy to develop in the UK. Investments in the range of billions of pounds are happening worldwide in bio-based and biodegradable chemical production, but the UK is missing out.

“Why? I will argue that by going for the lowest quality denominator (spreading digestate to land rather than composting it is one example, not having an organics landfill ban is another), the UK has not created a value chain interesting to the producers of materials from bio-based sources. Why would anyone invest half a billion pounds in such an industry in Italy and not in the UK? Because Italy has done certain things, like a plastic bags ban, compulsory organics collection with compostable bags (including paper bags), green public procurement to advance sales of (for example) compostable tableware. If you want a UK bioeconomy, these are some of the actions government needs to take.”

Newman will speaking on the second day of the conference.

For more information, go to: http://adbioresources.org/events