How we do it

We unite those working in the bio-based and biodegradable industries, through advocacy, collaboration and education, to put the industrial bioeconomy at the centre of sustainability and economic growth in the UK.


We work closely with the government, policymakers, and industry leaders to promote and advocate for policies that support the growth of the bio-based and biodegradable industries.


We are dedicated to advancing the bio-based and biodegradable industries through R&D initiatives. We support projects that aim to develop new sustainable materials and technologies that reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions.


We provide a platform for organisations and professionals within the bio-based and biodegradable sector to network and collaborate, exchange ideas, and form partnerships, encouraging positive debate and action across the bioeconomy.


We proactively share information that elevates public and policy makers knowledge about the benefits of bio-based and biodegradable products, to inform, educate, and inspire action.