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29 Apr, 2019

Biodegradable bags struggle to break down, claims study

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The researchers – from the university’s international marine litter research unit – took biodegradable and compostable bags and exposed them to air, soil and sea, all environments they could encounter if discarded as litter. Biodegradable, oxo-biodegradable and conventional plastic remained functional bags despite being in the soil or marine environment for three years. A compostable [...]

17 Apr, 2019

Our Plastic Predicament video series

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Digital education platform ThinkBioplastic has released its second series of videos on the world's plastic problem and potential solutions, entitled Our Plastic Predicament. The latest four episodes address what bioplastic means, why we need more than recycling to tackle the plastic crisis and how bioplastics can perform as well as traditional oil-based plastics. Links to [...]

12 Apr, 2019

Candidates revealed for Bio-based Material of the Year 2019

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The six candidates for the innovation award 'Bio-based Material of the Year 2019' have been announced, with the winners to be selected at the 12th International Conference on Bio-based Materials in Cologne, Germany, on 15-16 May 2019. The final candidates were whittled down from 21 to six new materials and innovative products by the conference [...]

5 Apr, 2019

Agency warns over plastics in compost and AD

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The Environment Agency has threatened a crackdown on poor performing composting and AD sites, where plastic is found in material to be spread to land. And the action could have a knock-on effect on local authorities who could be in trouble for breaching duty of care rules for delivering contaminated feedstock to their [...]