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20 Feb, 2019

BBIA response to BBC report on compostable materials being landfilled

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BBIA has responded to a recent BBC article that compostable plastics are going to landfill in Wales rather than recycling because Welsh councils are unable to deal with them. In a letter to the BBC, taking into account comments from BBIA members, BBIA reiterated the lower carbon impact of compostables and their ability to be [...]

13 Feb, 2019

Spanish researchers explore the use of orange peels to produce bio-plastic

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An eco-friendly material made from orange peels could be used in the packaging and agricultural sectors, according to Spanish researchers working on a circular economy project called MIPLASCOE. Essentially, the researchers are aiming to recover the wastes generated in the orange juice sector in order to produce bio-plastic. Like plastic, when dried the [...]

4 Feb, 2019

Scottish Government announces new plan for biotechnology

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The Scottish Government has released its National Plan for Industrial Biotechnology, which sets out its vision to achieve a mature bioeconomy by 2025. Published on 31 January 2019, the new national plan hopes to further embed circular economy thinking in Scotland's manufacturing sector, aiming to increase the number of companies active in industrial biotechnology to [...]