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26 Jul, 2018

Guilt-free solution to plastics problem is hard to find

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If the grisly images of marine life maimed and killed by waste plastics aren’t enough to get our attention, new Australian research linking plastics to smaller penises probably is. As Fairfax Media  reported on Thursday, two University of Melbourne researchers have concluded that exposure to the chemicals in plastics is "the No. 1 reproductive issue [...]

16 Jul, 2018

David Newman to speak at RWM

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BBIA Managing Director David Newman is set to speak at RWM at the NEC in Birmingham over 12-13 September. RWM is the leading recycling and waste management event in the UK, displaying the latest innovations in sustainability to more than 12,000 recycling and waste management professionals. David will be speaking about the role of biodegradable [...]

16 Jul, 2018

Yorkshire Tea to switch to biodegradable teabags by 2019

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Yorkshire Tea have got some big bits of news to share about plastic. The plastic they've been using to seal their tea bags is going to be replaced with a renewable plant-based material. They're starting to switch over now, and the aim is that all their UK tea bags will have switched by the end of 2019. They've also signed up to [...]

6 Jul, 2018

IBioIC call for Phd programme 2019 applications

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The call for PhD Projects to enter IBioIC Collaborative Training Partnership (CTP) PhD Programme in October 2019 is now open. IBioIC welcomes applications from its academic partners (Scotland and N8 partnership) in joint collaboration with any of its industrial members. For 2019, there are 14 BBSRC- and six IBioIC-funded studentships with studentships allocated through a competitive process. The closing date [...]

6 Jul, 2018

Biodegradable plastic made from ‘tree glue’ could be on shelves within five years

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Biodegradable plastic that can be tossed out with food scraps could be on the shelves within five years after scientists found an ingenious way to turn ‘tree glue’ into packaging. Researchers at the University of Warwick have found that a natural glue called lignin, which holds cellulose fibres together, stiffening plant stems, can be turned [...]

6 Jul, 2018

Environmentally friendly plastic made from straw could soon be used in disposable bottles and packaging

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A form of environmentally friendly plastic made from straw could soon be used in disposable bottles and other packaging after a breakthrough by British scientists. They have found a way to ‘edit’ the genes of a microbe to speed up the conversion of plant material into bioplastics that break down naturally. Read [...]

6 Jul, 2018

Researchers race to make bioplastics from straw and food waste

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New bioplastics are being made in laboratories from straw, wood chips and food waste, with researchers aiming to replace oil as the source of the world’s plastic. The new approaches include genetically modifying bacteria to eat wood and produce useful chemicals. But the bioplastics are currently significantly more expensive to make than fossil [...]

2 Jul, 2018

Iceland: One small policy could make a big impact on our war on plastic

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After announcing a series of plastic waste-busting policies in recent weeks, including a trial of an in-store reverse vending machine for plastic bottles and the adoption of plastic-free labelling for its own-brand packaging, supermarket chain Iceland's Managing Director Richard Walker shares his thoughts on the fight against plastic waste. Read full article [...]

2 Jul, 2018

Plastics recycling in the UK: Some thoughts from Green Alliance

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Following the publication of Resourcing the Future's (RTF) report on plastics, 'Eliminating avoidable plastic waste by 2042: a use-based approach to decision and policy-making', and BBIA's corresponding response, please find below links to blog posts from environmental think tank Green Alliance on the state of plastics recycling in the UK. Why the UK could soon [...]