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26 Mar, 2018

Futamura’s NatureFlex™ films on Ekoplaza plastic free aisle with Bio4Pack and De Halm

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BBIA member Futamura has partnered with sustainable packaging manufacturer, Bio4pack, to create compostable packaging for Dutch organic cereal producer, De Halm, using its NatureFlex™ and Tipa film. The product now features on the celebrated Ekoplaza plastic-free aisle. NatureFlex™ cellulose films are made from renewable and responsibly sourced wood pulp and are certified as 'industrial compostable' [...]

26 Mar, 2018

Johnson Matthey AgriTech Partnership Project (JMAPP) applications open

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Johnson Matthey has joined forces with Cranfield University to unlock support for a cohort of entrepreneurs, start-ups and established companies to accelerate innovation and commercialisation. JMAPP is now seeking its first round of applicants. Applications are invited for intensive innovation support projects addressing critical technical and commercial barriers to product validation. Successful applicants will be [...]

20 Mar, 2018

Job opportunity: BioVale Chief Executive Officer

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The University of York is seeking a new CEO to lead the BioVale executive team. BioVale is a cluster development organisation focused upon the growth of the bioeconomy across the Yorkshire and Humber region. You will lead a dynamic team that engages with a very wide range of stakeholders regionally, nationally and internationally. The bioeconomy [...]

20 Mar, 2018

Treasury launches single-use plastic call for evidence

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Her Majesty's Treasury has launched the call for evidence announced in the Chancellor's Spring Statement on how the tax system can be used to reduce the amount of single-use plastics waste in the UK by curtailing unnecessary production, promoting reuse and improving recycling, as well as stimulating innovation in this area. The government will use the evidence [...]

7 Mar, 2018

Report: UK overestimates plastics recycling by one-third

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The latest Defra figures claim that UK businesses and households produced 2.26 million tonnes of plastics packaging waste in 2015. But research from waste consultancy Eunomia today (6 March) finds that this number reflects the amount of plastic packaging placed on the market by producers, and that the real amount is much higher [...]

5 Mar, 2018

New EU standard for biodegradable mulch films in agriculture issued

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A new European standard EN17033 on the biodegradation of plastic mulch films in agriculture has been published, specifying the necessary requirements and test methods to allow for the use of mulch films under the standard. The new standard is a result of the previous standard EN13655 for conventional mulch films being split in two to recognise [...]

1 Mar, 2018

PG Tips to switch to plastic-free teabags

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Tea maker PG Tips is to switch to fully biodegradable, plant-based teabags, parent company Unilever has announced. Most manufacturers currently use polypropylene to seal teabags - they say it strengthens them and stops them disintegrating in a cup. Unilever said the move to plant-based sealants was based on "cutting edge science and [...]

1 Mar, 2018

Plastic-free supermarket aisles see anti-waste go mainstream

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The opening of world's first plastic-free supermarket aisle in Amsterdam is the fruit of a year-long campaign by A Plastic Planet, a UK-based initiative launched in January 2017 with a single goal: "to dramatically reduce" plastic usage, especially in food and drinks packaging. The collaboration with Dutch supermarket chain Ekoplaza allows shoppers to choose from [...]