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28 Feb, 2018

IKEA and Newlight sign major partnership agreement

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A new deal has been brokered between industry heavy-weights IKEA and Newlight that is a further indication of the importance of the bio-economy for large consumer brands. As a sustainable brand, IKEA has consistently positioned itself as a green innovator with a positive impact on both people and planet. In line with this [...]

12 Feb, 2018

Bio body calls for mandatory food waste collections

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The UK government should make food waste collections obligatory in order to allow more compostable packaging to be recycled, according to an industry trade body. Responding to this week’s Footprint’s investigation that showed compostable straws were not actually being composted, David Newman, managing director of the Bio-based and Biodegradable Industries Association (BBIA), said a nationwide collection system [...]

5 Feb, 2018

BEIS seeks views from businesses on Brexit topics as ministers pen open letter to industry

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BEIS is seeking views on a range of topics as it moves forward with Brexit preparations, while three government ministers have sent an open letter to businesses setting out the UK's ambitions for an implementation period following Brexit. The topics and questions that the department wants to ask businesses are: Rules of Origin To gain [...]