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21 Dec, 2017

Why healthy soils and forests are key to climate protection and prosperity

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What links climate change, poverty and migration? The Global Landscapes Forum addresses how land-use is central to global challenges that are more interconnected than many of us realize. What does the politics of how we use land have to do with climate change? And with poverty, conflict and migration? These are the questions [...]

6 Dec, 2017

FAO unveils resources to support World Soil Day

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The UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation has released a selection of resources to mark World Soil Day (5 December). World Soil Day 2017 activities aim to communicate messages on the importance of soil quality for food security, healthy ecosystems and human well-being. These include: key publications and flagship initiatives global events on 5 December 2017 [...]

5 Dec, 2017

Ocean plastic a ‘planetary crisis’ – UN

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Life in the seas risks irreparable damage from a rising tide of plastic waste, the UN oceans chief has warned. Lisa Svensson said governments, firms and individual people must act far more quickly to halt plastic pollution. "This is a planetary crisis," she said. "In a few short decades since we discovered [...]