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28 Jun, 2017

Introducing the BS 8001 Circular Economy standard

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BSI, the UK’s national standards organisation, has launched a new standard for the circular economy, ‘BS 8001:2017: Framework for implementing the principles of the circular economy in organisations – guide’, the world’s first for implementing circular economy principles. The new standard is the first framework of its kind and is designed to be applicable [...]

20 Jun, 2017

RES URBIS Stakeholder Platform – 29 June, Wales

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A stakeholder platform for the RES URBIS (Resources from Urban Bio-waste) project will take place on 29 June (2-5pm) at the University of South Wales in Cardiff. If you would like to attend this event please contact David Newman at RES URBIS, a three-year Horizon 2020 project, is combining a range of biological techniques to produce [...]

12 Jun, 2017

G20 alliance to reduce marine litter

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The G20 states have undertaken to reduce the amount of waste in the world’s rivers and wastewater, and thus reduce the level of waste in our oceans. Meeting in Bremen the G20 states have adopted an action plan to address the problem of marine litter. Plastic packaging and other plastic waste account for [...]

12 Jun, 2017

A new UK plant will deliver a unique bioplastic solution derived from biodiesel

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While bio-plastic product alternatives have been around for over 20 years now, some of these bio-plastics have not yet delivered on the promise of retaining the same packaging qualities as their traditional plastic formulations, while also being capable of biodegrading without a harmful footprint. Many of the more widely used bioplastic solutions derive from [...]

8 Jun, 2017

Asian nations make plastic oceans promise

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Nations responsible for much of the world's ocean plastic pollution have promised to start cleaning up their act. At a UN oceans summit, delegates from China, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines said they would work to keep plastics out of the seas. Some of the promises are not yet formalised and environmentalists [...]