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18 Dec, 2015

Defra presents inconclusive review of standards for biodegradable plastic carrier bags

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Further research is needed into biodegradability standards before biodegradable bags can be made exempt from the English carrier bag charge, according to a Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) review.

16 Dec, 2015

Commission’s Circular Economy Proposal leaves room for more ambitious actions on bio-industries

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On 2 December 2015, the European Commission (EC) published the long awaited new Circular Economy Proposal. European Bioplastics (EUBP) welcomes the EC’s proposal and is looking forward to contributing to the debate on how renewable and biodegradable materials can best fit into this vision. “The proposal is an important step towards closing the [...]

15 Dec, 2015

Report from COP21

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BBIA MD David Newman participated at the COP21 conference in Paris to help lobby in favour of increased consideration and funding for waste management projects, especially in developing countries. Clearly the need to reduce organics destined to landfill is a obligatory response to methane emissions and their capture, or reduction, significantly contributes to emissions reductions. [...]

10 Dec, 2015

The Spending Review

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BBIA Managing Director David Newman gives a brief summary of the 2015 Spending Review. George Osborne's Spending Review on 25 November came and went, and I get the feeling everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief. At least we now know what the government’s cuts through to 2020 are going to be and now we [...]

10 Dec, 2015

The Circular Economy Package

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The Circular Economy Package was presented by the European Commission (EC) on 2 December and by now you will all have read its content and a thousand comments from all industrial sectors. BBIA participated in the EC’s consultation on the Package, giving its views on how bioeconomy and circular economy are inextricably linked. The package [...]

10 Dec, 2015

BBIA Policy Activities Update – December

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On 1 December, during a written questions and answer session, MP Mark Durkan of Foyle in Northern Ireland asked the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Science (BIS) whether he was aware of the CEBR report produced for BBIA on bioplastics and what he was intending to do about it. The transcript of the [...]

9 Dec, 2015

Full recyclable biopolymer could transform bioplastics

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Two scientists from Colorado State University have managed to invent the world’s first biopolymer that can be fully converted back to its original Gamma-butyroalctone monomer without leaving behind any waste, thus making it fully re-usable. Eugene Chen and his partner Miao Hong have been experimenting in finding  a way of converting back GBL polymer [...]

4 Dec, 2015

New research explores high-value applications for rapeseed oil

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A team of researchers, including biologists from the University of York, are a step closer to producing a biodegradable lubricant made from a new type of oilseed rape. The new crop could have huge implications for the global lubricant market – it is estimated that half of all lubricants sold world-wide end up [...]

4 Dec, 2015

European Commission’s Circular Economy Package released

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The European Commission this week released details of its long awaited Circular Economy Package, following a year of redevelopment.

3 Dec, 2015

Market Study on Bio-based building blocks and polymers in the world

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Two years after the first market study in bio-based polymers, German’s Nova Institute release the third edition including market study’s range and bio-based building blocks as precursors of bio-based polymers. The report shows that although the lower prices of oils the demand for bio-polymers increases. Highlights: Production capacity will triple from 5.7 [...]