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5 Oct, 2015

Video: How plastics in the ocean get into food chain

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In a bid to reduce waste, England has introduced a 5p charge on plastic bags. Scientists studying the impact of plastic waste on the marine environment have warned contamination could be passing up the food chain to humans. They've found tiny pieces of plastic inside the guts of zooplankton - the microscopic creatures [...]

2 Oct, 2015

BBIA launch at the House of Lords

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On 21 October, Lord Jamie Lindsay will host a meeting at the House of Lords to share knowledge on the bioeconomy and to announce the new association representing industries in this sector, the BBIA.

2 Oct, 2015

Video: Plastic in oceans ‘threatens food chain’

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As England prepares to introduce a charge for plastic bags, science editor David Shukman reports on the possible threat to the food chain, by the plastics broken down into tiny fragments in our oceans. Tests by the Plymouth Marine Laboratory have shown that when minuscule particles of plastic are in the water, [...]

1 Oct, 2015

Download presentations from BBIA’s first bioeconomy workshop, 22 September

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BBIA held its first bioeconomy workshop in Birmingham on 22 September. Speakers from across the bioeconomy, from the UK and abroad, gave their experiences of the industry and looked at what policies could be influential in its future in the UK. You can find presentations given at the workshop available for download here.