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27 Jul, 2015

BBIA Managing Director to speak at Cré Conference

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BBIA Managing Director David Newman is to speak about opportunities in the bioeconomy at Cré's annual conference on organics management on 1 September in Kildare.

24 Jul, 2015

Novamont-led FIRST2RUN project receives €17m investment

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The public/private Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking has invested €17 million (£12m) in a Novamont-led project seeking to demonstrate the sustainability of an integrated biorefinery.

24 Jul, 2015

French law introduces measures that could strengthen bioplastics market

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European Bioplastics (EUBP) has welcomed a new French law on energy transition and green growth that could create opportunities to introduce biobased, compostable plastics to selected types of packaging as well as fruit and vegetable bags.

15 Jul, 2015

BBIA announces that Iris Anderson has been appointed “BBIA Ambassador for the Bioeconomy”

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Iris Anderson BEM The newly formed association promoting the bioeconomy in the UK, BBIA, has appointed long-serving civil servant Iris Anderson as their first Ambassador for the bioeconomy. Iris has spent most of her career in MAFF, DEFRA and more recently in the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Her various roles have [...]

14 Jul, 2015

Steel plant to produce bioethanol from waste gases

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ArcelorMittal, LanzaTech, and Primetals Technologies have announced that they are to build ‘Europe’s first-ever commercial-scale production facility to create bioethanol from waste gases produced during the steelmaking process’.

14 Jul, 2015

EU Parliament calls for paradigm shift: MEPs adopt circular economy resolution and demand higher waste targets

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On 9 July 2015, the European Parliament (EP) adopted the own-initiative report of Finnish MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen on 'resource efficiency: moving towards a circular economy'.

14 Jul, 2015

Championing the Circular Cause: Interview with Sirpa Pietikäinen

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Sirpa Pietikainen is leading advocate for the EU bioeconomy and Rapporteur on the EP’s Own Initiative Report on the Circular Economy. “Even several manufacturers realized that an inefficient or unsustainable use of resources generates waste and costs where efficiency and profits could be achieved. We have to ensure growing benefits for consumers and competitiveness [...]

10 Jul, 2015

European Parliament calls for 2030 recycling targets despite UK opposition

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The European Parliament has today called for the European Commission to push forward with plans for new recycling targets for 2030, despite the UK opposing "prescriptive" measures in the new Circular Economy package. In a vote in Strasbourg today, 394 MEPs backed the Circular Economy report, which advocates an overall EU resource efficiency [...]

9 Jul, 2015

Verdezyne and Global Bioenergies share lessons learnt in progressing towards commercialisation on the EFIB 2015 innovation track

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There are prevailing challenges that renewable chemical companies are faced with when attempting to take their technology into full commercial production. A key step in scale up is to conduct trials at a demonstration level fermentation facility, where large quantities of product can be made. This will allow detailed design and engineering data [...]

8 Jul, 2015

BIO-TIC launches roadmap to further EU biotech industry

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The Industrial Biotech Research and Innovation Platforms Centre – towards Technological Innovation and solid foundations for a growing industrial biotech sector in Europe (BIO-TIC) has launched its ‘final roadmap for tackling barriers to industrial biotechnology in Europe’.