The BBIA shares information about the role of the bioeconomy and the opportunities that arise from using biodegradable products. Our webinars provide access to experts in the field and are available to watch on-demand here.

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Bioplastics and the Circular Economy

What are bioplastics? What they can and cannot do and their role in the circular economy and reducing plastic and food waste.


Andy Sweetman, Chairman of BBIA and Marketing Manager Europe and Middle East for Futamura Films Ltd UK
Dr John Williams, Director of Aquapakpolymers Ltd UK a bioplastics producer, and S’Investec Ltd a biotechnology investor
Julia Schifter,  VP Strategy Analysis TIPA Sustainable Packaging Israel
Moderator, David Newman,  Managing Director of BBIA and former President of the International Solid Waste Association

Topics covered:

  • Reducing plastic packaging waste
  • The difference between bio-based and compostable and bio-based and durable plastics
  • Oxo-degradable plastics
  • Where bio-based plastics are best suited in current marketplaces and where their use is least advisable
  • How bio-plastics fit into waste management systems, food waste capture and plastic waste reduction
  • Myths and legends around bio-plastics and marine pollution
  • Bioplastics from the point of view of a buyer
  • Converting bioplastics into finished packaging products
  • Bioplastic packaging products role in the circular economy
  • Production of bio-plastics and development of international market-places

Some of these issues have been outlined in the Q&As of the BBIA website which you can see here